One look at the news makes it clear: The world needs ethical leaders who know how to think critically, solve problems and communicate clearly.

Answer the call with a major in Ethics and Leadership.

You’ll learn communication, conflict resolution, reasoning and ethical analysis skills you can apply in any career. Confidently navigate difficult ethical situations in business by taking courses like Social Responsibility of Business and International Management. Develop expertise in an additional area like legal, medical or environmental ethics. A required internship will teach you to translate what you’ve learned in the classroom to the world outside it, so you graduate prepared to make a difference.

For more information on the Ethics and Leadership major, please contact Jack Musselman, director of the Center for Ethics and Leadership. The Ethics and Leadership major is part of the Department of Philosophy.

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SEU to You

Associate Professor of Philosophy Jack Musselman explores the political, ethical and moral trade-offs of living greener in the 21st century in this overview of his Environmental Ethics course.