Your Primary Resource for Billing and Financial Aid

When you apply to St. Edward's, you'll be matched with one of our financial advisors who will work with you and your family throughout your time at the university. This one-to-one relationship provides you with a single point-of-contact to help ensure that you receive timely and consistent information. In addition, it also allows your advisor to develop a fuller understanding of your family's financial situation in order to help you find solutions to issues that may affect your ability to contribute towards your educational expenses.

The majority of our advisors have over a decade's worth of experience assisting St. Edward's students with making their cost of education more affordable. Our advisors work with families to develop hand-tailored financing plans which can include scholarships or grants that don't have to be paid back for those who qualify, short term monthly payment plans, or education loans that allow financing over an extended period of time.

In addition, your advisor can also help you with things like:

  • Searching for on-campus and off-campus scholarship opportunities
  • Estimating your semesters' balances
  • Completing outstanding financial aid related paperwork
  • Financing the cost of studying abroad
  • Discussing tips for saving money while in school
  • Making adjustments to your semester billing, where possible, to help reduce costs
  • Exploring various options for repaying back your student loans

Your advisor's name and contact information is included in both your acceptance letter and financial aid award packet.  Visit Meet your Financial Services Counselor.  You can also reach Student Financial Services by phone at 800-555-0164 or by email at