Faculty mentors for the McNair Scholars Program work closely with scholars throughout their time in the program.

They provide guidance, as well as assist scholars with action plans to achieve their goals for graduate school.  They meet regularly with scholars during their summer research internship and offer constructive feedback.

Clarissa and Cotter

School of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Emily Barton, PhD

Amy Concilio, PhD

Daniel Glenn, PhD

Laurie C. Heffron, PhD

Nicholas Chad Long, PhD

Adam McCormick, PhD

Christie Wilson, PhD

School of Natural Sciences

Kristy Ballard, PhD

Trish Baynham, PhD

Barbara Dugelby, PhD

Andrea Holgado, PhD

Paul Savala, PhD

School of Arts and Humanities

Alan Altimont, PhD

Emily Bernate, PhD

Kelley Colblentz-Bautch, PhD

Lori Peterson, PhD

The Munday School of Business

Sarah Mittal, PhD